Basic information

The international scientific conference Principles of European Private Law in Application Practice on the topic of Consumer Code: Yes or No? is being realized in response to the preparation of the Consumer Code which reflects the current inconsistency of consumer protection legislation and promises to unify it into a single statute. The aim of the conference dedicated to the Consumer Code is not only to provide information about the Consumer Code in preparation but also to evaluate its positive and negative aspects as well as to provide insight into the legislation of countries where a Consumer Code is part of legislation. The outcome of this conference shall be a reviewed collection of articles.

Conference dates

31st May and 1st June 2018

The deadline for registration

13th May 2018

Registration is possible only in electronic form via registration system (see Application in the main menu).

Conference fee

1 500 CZK / 60 € incl. VAT

After registration to the conference a payment notice will be sent to your email. According to instruction in the notice, you will get an invoice in electronic form issued by Masaryk University Shopping Center. In case of non-participation at the conference, the conference fee is not refundable. The conference fee can be paid by credit card.


Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, Veveří 70, Brno. In the Aula.

Languages of meeting

Czech, Slovak, English.

Lectures will be translated from English to Slovak and vice versa.



More information

See also Facebook event: Consumer Code: Yes or No?

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